If you ever happen to see any of Mila Kunis’ interviews, you’ll know what a fun-loving, witty and brutally honest person she is. Well, if you haven’t, go watch now (post reading this article of course). Not only is this 33-year-old a gorgeous woman and actress who was declared as the Sexiest Woman In The World by FHM in 2012, a men’s magazine, but is also a yummy mommy (something that we ignore about most actresses). Though the Black Swan actress starred in the movie Bad Moms, we know she isn’t a perfect mom, no one is (the universal truth the movie taught us), she is definitely an ideal mom. And with baby number two coming her way, she definitely has mastered the art of parenting. As she celebrates her birthday today, we give you six reasons why she makes the almost perfect mommy as well as a human being and is such an inspiration for all the mothers-to-be out there!

1. She recently declared that she’s going to tell her kids that they’re poor
Growing up as a celebrity kid is difficult. You’re constantly under media speculation. But yes, you have all the luxuries you can ask for. But Mila isn’t going to make life easier for them. About teaching kids to be self-made and making them understand the importance of a dollar, she says ‘It’s so important to teach them this because we both (she and Ashton) came from pretty solid poverty backgrounds and grew up very poor and are very much self-made and are very aware of what a dollar is worth. Nothing’s been handed to us.’

2. She sets an example for her kids on money matters
When Ashton and Mila decided to get hitched, the two of them bought their wedding bands for just $190 dollars from Etsy (an online company), hers for $90 and Ashton’s for $100. This goes to show they’re not really extravagant people but people who know the value of money and to show that their love goes way beyond that ring.

3. Time for herself
It is very important for a mom to have some "me" time. Mila does pilates twice a week so that she can enjoy silence all around; something that is very rare with a kid in the house. She also loves to spend time with Ashton after she puts Wyatt to bed.

4. She knows how to do her stalking
Mom’s are awesome detectives. Wait, women are awesome detectives. And Mila is no less. If she is ever out on a work trip, she keeps an eye on her kid and her whereabouts from the NesCam in her room.

5. She is a Supermommy
Mila took care of her kid without any help for three whole months from the time she was born. That is a huge thing, because being a celebrity, you tend to have help for everything. But she decided that these starting months were the best for them to get know each other and hence
no nanny, just mommy.

6. She and Ashton make the perfect couple
A child grows best when they have the love of both the parents. Not like we are saying single moms can`t raise a kid but both parents being there for the kid is essential in the growing stages. And, we all know how Mila and Ashton give us relationship goals all the time. Ashton is a doting dad, a pro in the field of changing diapers and makes her watch football while wearing Chicago Bear onesies. The best part about this couple is that they give each other credit for being the world’s greatest parents. What better recognition than that?

We wish Mila a very happy birthday and all the best for her second baby and for all her future endeavors. Kudos to her for being the most ideal mom ever.