Dear Laletta,

I am one among the million die-hard fans that you have globally. Everyone who knows me personally will stand by the fact that among their social circle, I am your biggest fan. As you turn 57 today, I thought you should know how you became my favorite matinee idol. This letter may or may not reach you but I'm sure the never ending love and support from fans like me will help you push yourself more. So, here it goes, Laletta.

“My 17 years of Lalettan Fandom”

The first encounter

It happened in the year 2000 when I was in New Delhi. The reason why I remember the exact year is Hrithik Roshan became an overnight sensation after Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai released. And frankly, back then, I used to watch only Hindi films. It was a Sunday and as usual, in the evening, went to our nearby Mallu club. To my surprise, all I could hear was everyone talking about Narasimham that day. Lalettan nailed the role of Induchoodan. His introduction scene was mass! The way he bashed his enemies gave me goosebumps. All these statements echoed through the hall. I remember one of our senior club member asking me, whether I watch Mohanlal’s films. I didn't. For that he replied, if you haven’t watched his films, then you are not a true-blue Mallu at heart. I was hurt as it was for the first time that someone questioned my identity. I guess, he was also a die-hard Mohanlal fan. I decided that whenever the film comes on TV, won’t miss it at any cost. After several months, I finally watched Narasimham in Surya TV. And that’s how it all started.

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The Shift

In 2003, I shifted to Kerala as my parents chose to spend their retirement life in God’s own country. By then, I became a regular viewer of Malayalam films that were shown in Asianet and Surya TV. Here, I must also admit the fact that it was solely one person who opened the window of Malayalam films for me – you, Laletta. By watching your films, I started noticing other actors and watched their films too. A time came when I knew more about Mollywood than Bollywood and watching Malayalam films became a priority. I realized that the shift was not only from New Delhi to Kerala but from a teenager who was least bothered about learning the Malayalam language has now started exploring his mother tongue and culture. All thanks to you, Laletta. And after a period of time, I started watching films from other South-Indian languages.

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The time from when FDFS became a ritual

My first FDFS film was Naran in 2005. That was the first time when I witnessed that how mad people are about you. The sound of audience clapping was more than the sound of the movie in the theatres. I saw people dancing to the song Velmuruka. I loved the film and more than that I loved the vibe that was created by your fans. The whole night I couldn’t sleep and decided I am also going to be a member of “All Kerala Mohanlal Fans & Cultural Welfare Association”. I joined all the nearby units and since then, watching your films FDFS has been a ritual for me.

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A source of inspiration

My days in Madras Christian College influenced and encouraged me in many ways. By the end of my graduation, I discovered that cinema was something of a passion now. From that moment, your movies turned out to be a study material for me. I meticulously examined your acting and the efforts you took for each character. I sincerely hope that someday, I will get a chance to work with you.

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On your birthday, all I wish to say is that I am your earnest fan who considers your triumphs as his and your flops as his failures. Wish you a very happy birthday, Laletta. Even as you grow older, my love for you will be forever young.


Your forever Jabra fan