Turning 79 today, on June 1, is Hollywood’s favorite narrator – Morgan Freeman. The Oscar winner, whose net worth is 150 million dollars, is a really fine actor whose work has spanned over four decades. Best known for his distinctively smooth and deep voice, he is like the Amitabh Bachchan of Hollywood. He revealed in an interview that the secret to his iconic voice was to ”yawn a lot.” He explained that yawning would relax the vocal chords, hence providing a deeper voice. If you were wondering what he sounds like on helium, you must check this out.

He realized his love and talent for acting through a strange accident, in junior high school. He pulled a chair before this girl (who he had a crush on) was about to sit. As a punishment, he was sent to enter the school drama program, where he discovered his love for the art. He is the first African-American actor to have been in 3 Academy Award Best Picture winners. Interestingly, the majority of roles that Freeman has played were not originally written to be played by an African-American actor.

Right before entering Hollywood, Freeman was in the US Air Force for four years, where he spent more time as a mechanic/technician than flying. Soon after, he moved to Hollywood and also got a private pilot license much later, at the age of 65. In America, many honeybee colonies are going extinct, due to various reasons. With the colonies deteriorating at alarming rates, Freeman decided to do his bit, by converting his 124 acre ranch into a bee sanctuary! Today, on his birthday, let’s look at some of his best roles and movies. Happy Birthday, Mr. Freeman!

The Shawshank Redemption

One of the greatest films of our times, with Freeman’s character narrating the film from his point of view.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

As a part of an ensemble cast across three movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), Freeman consistently and perfectly plays the role of Lucius Fox, who takes care of all of Batman’s automobiles, gadgets, weapons, etc.


A biopic on Nelson Mandela, Freeman is often confused for the former president of South Africa. No, really!

Million Dollar Baby

Nominated for numerous awards in this role, Freeman won an Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for this film, which he also narrated in.

Se7en (1995)

An absolute thriller, Freeman’s carefully detailed portrayal of a wise detective earned him a lot of praise.


With the cast delivering fantastic performances all around, Freeman still manages to stand out with his acting.

Bruce Almighty

The legend plays God himself. A "fake" survey (held just for entertainment purposes) revealed that 70% of the people picture Freeman when they think of what God might look like.