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Happy Birthday, Mr. Bourne!

Matt Damon, as an actor, has associated himself with a lot of popular characters which are remembered even now. He has been a part of numerous successful series and successfully avoided being typecasted. He pursued his passion for acting since very early in life – from his high school days to his time at Harvard – and his dedication towards his passion has made him the most bankable star today. He's a family man, who apart from his movie's promotional activities, prefers to keep a low profile and manages to not stay away from his family for more than two weeks at a time. Making his movie debut with Mystic Pizza in 1988, he received recognition with the movie Good Will Hunting which he also co-wrote with his best bud Ben Affleck. To be honest, over his extensive career, the star has given us some bad movies and some really nice Oscar-worthy ones, which is a risk you have to take when you love to experiment with different characters. We have some of his movies ranked from worst to best.

21. The Legend of Bagger Vance
Matt Damon - BookMyShow20. Hereafter
Matt Damon - BookMyShow19. Promised Land
Matt Damon - BookMyShow18. Geronimo
Matt Damon - BookMyShow17. The Good Shepherd
Matt Damon - BookMyShow16. Ocean's Twelve
Matt Damon - BookMyShow15. Jason Bourne
Matt Damon - BookMyShow14. Stuck on you
Matt Damon - BookMyShow13. Dogma
Matt Damon - BookMyShow12. Elysium
Matt Damon - BookMyShow11. Ocean's Thirteen
Matt Damon - BookMyShow10. The Adjustment Bureau
Matt Damon - BookMyShow9. Syriana
Matt Damon - BookMyShow8. Margaret
Matt Damon - BookMyShow7. The Informant
Matt Damon - BookMyShow6. The Bourne Identity
Matt Damon - BookMyShow5. The Martian
Matt Damon - BookMyShow4. Saving Private Ryan
Matt Damon - BookMyShow3. Behind the Candelabra
Matt Damon - BookMyShow2. True Grit
Matt Damon - BookMyShow1.Good Will Hunting
Matt Damon - BookMyShow

We wish Matt Damon a very Happy Birthday and await more diverse roles from the man.