Career wise, last year (2013) proved to be path breaking for this good looking as well as talented actress with the super success of her musical hit ‘Aashiqui 2’.

We ask our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to predict what 2014 holds for none other than Shraddha Kapoor on the eve of her 25th birthday:
“Shraddha was born on 3rd March 1989 which makes her a Number 3 (Jupiter) person in numerology. Like all Pisceans, she is once again ruled by Number 3 while her destiny number adds up to Number 6 (Venus)” explains Bhavikk.
“Shraddha will now be entering in her 26th year which may not prove to be as fulfilling as she must be thinking. Her next two projects – ‘The Villain’ and ‘Haider’ may fail to set the cash registers ringing at the box office; although her performance will be well received”.
“Also, on the flip side will be some health related issues especially of the stomach and even the love angle will be ‘missing’”. 
“Wearing a Yellow Sapphire to be set in gold on her right-hand index finger on a Thursday (one hour before sunset) will help her choose her next projects wisely and ensure that she does not make any bad financial investments in the future” advices Bhavikk very strongly before signing off.

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