He made a smashing debut with Karan Johar’sStudent Of The Year’ which emerged as one of the major hits of 2012.

With amazing looks, a chiseled body, great acting and dancing skills; this boy is surely here to stay.

We ask our in-house expert and ace astro-numerologist Bhavikk Sangghvi to predict what the future holds for the very talented Sidharth Malhotra on the eve of his 29th birthday:

“Sidharth was born on 16th January 1985 which makes him a Number 7 (Ketu) person in numerology. Being ruled by Number 7, he is automatically ruled by Number 2 (Moon) as these two numbers always go hand in hand. Like all Capricorns, he is ruled by Number 8 (Saturn) while his destiny number adds up to Number 4 (Rahu). ” explains Bhavikk.

“Sidharth will now be entering in his 30th year which indicates that his streak of good luck is likely to continue as the current year 2014 is also adding up to Number 7 just like his birth number” predicts Bhavikk.

“His soon-to-release ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ once again produced by Karan Johar will do well at the box office, while his negative role in ‘The Villain’ will be well appreciated both by the audiences and critics alike”.

“Even on the love front, things are looking rather positive for him and he may actually bump across someone really interesting before the year comes to an end”.

“Wearing a Hessonite on his middle finger on a Saturday (two hours after sunset) will help him find that right person, take other decisions of life with much better clarity of mind, remain focused, improve levels of concentration and evade confusion” suggests Bhavikk before signing off.

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