Right expressions, perfect timing, and witty content are the only things you need to make people laugh out loud. It just takes one moment for you to distinguish between genuine comedy and tasteless humor. That’s why many actors claim that creating comedy is as difficult as playing a serious or intense role, if not harder.

So, when you think about comedy movies in Bollywood, names such as Johnny Lever, Paresh Rawal, Govinda, Akshay Kumar, and so on immediately come to mind. But there are a few actresses who have also mastered this art. Sridevi is one of those actresses who has not just sizzled on screen with her latkas and jhatkas but has also left us roaring with laughter. The best part about Sridevi is that her comic scenes are versatile. She can add the element of comedy in any possible scene, be it a fight sequence or to a dance number; she knows how to nail it!

Today, on Sridevi’s birthday, let’s look at these diverse comic moments that always make us laugh.

She knows how to rock a disguise: 

Her best dance moves that prove that timing and expressions are everything.
When she played the role of an exotic dancer: 
When she busted some funky moves and gave us rain dance goals:
She knows how to play the emo card:
She knows how to start a fight:
Probably why you should never mess with her…seriously!
If at all you do, get ready for the four stages of torture:
Stage 1: You’ll end up getting a makeover that will make you forget how you look:
Stage 2: You’ll be drugged:
Stage 3: You’ll be beaten black and blue:
Stage 4: If you have still survived, get ready to be poisoned:
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Hey, we warned you!
We hope to see Sridevi play many more comic roles in the future. And wish her a really Happy Birthday! We wish you have a great year!