One of the finest American actors and comedians to grace the screen, Steve Carell has time and again managed to win the audiences over with his performances. From portraying a bumbling spy in Get Smart to a hedge fund manager in The Big Short, Carell is one such actor who can have us  split our sides laughing in one scene and leave us teary-eyed in the next. And one of the most complex characters that Carell has ever managed to pull-off in the course of his career has been that of Michael Scott from The Office. Probably one of Carell’s greatest performances that changed the trajectory of his career, Michael Scott, Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton, became one of the most hated/loved characters on American television. 

In the spin-off of the UK sitcom, how Carell has managed to portray the intricacies of the multi-faceted Michael Scott is what makes it his best-ever performance.

Today, on Steve Carell’s birthday, let’s take a look at a few fun facts about Carell revolving around The Office. Because let’s face it, playing the role of Michael Scott was definitely harder than it seemed (that’s what she said!).

Happy Birthday, Steve Carell!- BookMyShow

  • Steve Carell almost lost out on playing the role of Michael Scott since he was working on another NBC sitcom. Bob Odenkirk and Paul Giamatti were some other actors who were considered for the role.
  • The scene in season three when Michael Scott kisses Oscar was improvised by Carell and not planned. 
  • Steve Carell also wrote two episodes of The Office, Casino Night and Survivor Man. He also won the Writers Guild of America Award for Casino Night.
  • Carell left the show because his contract expired and because he wanted to focus more on working in films.
  • He is a talented ice skater and the makers of the show used his skills in season two episode, Michael’s Birthday.
  • He was a part of three failed sitcoms before he gained fame for his performance in The Office.
  • The Office was almost cancelled after its first season. However, Carell’s success with the film The 40 Year Old Virgin helped the sitcom gain fame.
  • Before he could audition for the role, Carell watched only about five minutes of the UK show. 

We wish Steve Carell a very happy birthday and hope he continues to keep us entertained with his flawless performances.