They say a mother is an angel who holds you up when it’s hard to fly. Sure, mothers are the greatest people on the planet, but not all mothers have managed to live up to their ‘angel’ status. In fact, in the large and conceited realm of stardom, many mothers have shocked the world with their bizarre parenting skills. Kids who had enough of these mothers have even gone ahead to be legally emancipated at a young age. To know who they are, read through our list of the worst celeb mothers on the planet. Once you’re through, do thank your own mother for being the angel she is!
Dina Lohan
Dina Lohan and Lindsay Lohan - BookMyShow

She not only capitalized on her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s success, but momager Dina Lohan also exploited her other children for her own reality show. Furthermore, when Lindsay was struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, her mother barely even acknowledged the problem, turning defensive instead. And you complained when your mother was not supportive of your decision to get a tattoo!
Jaid Barrymore
Jaid and Drew Barrymore - BookMyShow

Remember when your mom refused to let you go for a party? Not everyone is as lucky as Drew Barrymore, whose mother took her to nightclubs when she was only a child. Nor did she pay any attention when her daughter started drinking at the age of 9 or became a drug addict at 13. By 15, Drew had enough of her mother and was legally emancipated.
Nancy Dow
Jennifer Aniston and Nancy Dow - BookMyShow

We all know what a wonderful person Jennifer Aniston is, but no thanks to her mother. After being estranged for almost a decade, Nancy Dow decided to cash in on her daughter’s fame by writing a book about their relationship, titled From Mother and Daughter to Friends. In the past, she had also spilled some personal comments about Jennifer on a talk show. Now that’s just mean!
Crystal Workman
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You may know her daughter as Alex Dunphy from the popular sitcom Modern Family. In 2014, Ariel Winter was granted emancipation from her mother who allegedly abused her physically and emotionally. Now we know who won’t be named Mother of the Year! Ariel’s sister, Shanelle Gray, has become her legal guardian since.
Courtney Love
Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love - BookMyShow

We all know how Love and husband Kurt Cobain were completely wasted most of the time, resorting to drugs and alcohol. That didn’t change even when Love was pregnant with Frances Bean Cobain. After Kurt’s suicide, she would often go on a drug binge and got arrested multiple times. Naturally, she lost custody of her daughter.
Britney Spears
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Remember the time your mother almost dropped you on your head, fracturing your skull, or when she sat you on her lap as she drove you around? You don’t? That’s because it never happened to you! Unless you are Britney’s kids, of course. What’s worse? She lost custody to Kevin Federline! Probably not the proudest moment for any mother.
Debbie Malone
Debbie and Jenna Malone - BookMyShow

One of the pressures of being a popular child star is earning large amounts of money at a young age. When Hunger Games actor Jena Malone was 15, she took legal action against her mother for mismanaging her finances. Jena was thus emancipated and started living life independently.
Jane Elizabeth Carter
Jane Elizabeth and Aaron Carter - BookMyShow

Aaron Carter, cousin of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, was another child star to be legally emancipated from his parents. The reason? He believed his momager was mismanaging his money! The singer, whose claim to fame was dating Lindsay Lohan, alleged that Jane Elizabeth pilfered more than $100,000 from him. Post emancipation, he began to manage himself, which led to the fall in his career.
Kate Moss
Kate moss with her daughter Lila - BookMyShow

Not only did Kate ignore her parenting duties due to her drug addiction, she left her daughter in the care of Pete Doherty, the guy who was allegedly as high as a kite! Kate’s frequent drug binges even led her to forget her daughter’s third birthday. The next time your mother makes you something special on your birthday, be grateful!

You know what else they say? No children are the best children! 

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