A hush fell across the massive hotel hall. The lights dimmed, smoke filled the air. Everyone held their breath and lo, it was…. Boman Irani, who then introduced Shah Rukh Khan to thunderous applause and whistles. After the din had subsided, the two of them started to riff off each other. Before the trailer was released, we were treated to a song from the film. Following which, we got to see a fashion show, where the show stoppers were the cast of Happy New Year. 
After all of this, boom, the trailer was launched, right at us. 
What can I tell you about Farah Khan‘s latest cinematic extravaganza? Is it big? Is it awesome? Is it an amalgamation (big word there: Editor)?  Is it a combination of all that is epic with Bollywood? The answer is yes. Quite resoundingly and unequivocally yes. It is Shah Rukh Khan, y’all! Okay, not just Shah Rukh Khan. There is a whole plethora of stars in this mega opus of light, sound and color. We got Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Abhishek Bachchan, Vivaan Shah and Deepika Padukone as well. With such a cast, you can expect a certain amount of awesomeness to explode onto the screen. 
What is Happy New Year all about? This is a story about six people who are brought together for a common purpose. To commit the biggest heist of their lives. They will face armed guards, vaults, safes, personal troubles, friction between the team and the worst of all, they will have to…. “Dance!” Yes, that is part of the heist. They have to get together, track their target, engage, manipulate and confound while they also have to compete in the World Dance Competition.
Sounds like a recipe for a hilarious movie. But wait there is more, you have Jackie Shroff weighing in and he brings it, Bidu. Boy, does he make an entrance or what? 
Now six ‘losers’ have their chance for the ultimate score. Do they take it? Do they make it? 
One shot at glory! 
Here is the trailer- enjoy the ride. Come on, Indiawaale! 

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