Happy Thor-day, Chris Hemsworth

At a time when a lot of Australians are in mourning for the Ashes, Chris Hemsworth’s birthday is a great reason to celebrate. He’s been George Kirk in Star Trek, James Hunt in Rush, and Thor in multiple Marvel movies. And while Thor may have been kicked out of Asgard, when he’s played by Chris Hemsworth, he’s more than welcome on Earth. With his disheveled blond hair, deep blue eyes and oh-so-sexy body, he has been the subject of many female fantasies. But Chris Hemsworth is not just another hot Hollywood hunk. He has the whole package that women love- he’s sexy and funny. He’s made us laugh both intentionally, and with the memes he’s inspired as Thor. Here are some of the memes with which Chris put a smile on our faces.

Unlike most stars, Chris Hemsworth has the assets to endorse a variety of brands, even feminine ones.
And even more feminine ones.
But in case you’re thinking that makes him a dandy, remember he’s Thor. The god who can make ice-cream seem threatening.
With his rugged good looks and disarming smile, we bet Chris has women throwing themselves at him. But he’s humble enough to not take that for granted.
And if you were wondering what Chris’s favorite pick-up line is…
As every hammer-loving Hemsworth fan knows, Chris never approved of Liam’s relationship with Miley Cyrus. Curious to know the real reason behind this? Here it is.
Happy Birthday, Chris! Keep the laughs coming.