Happy Turning Younger, Matthew Perry

If there’s one sitcom that transcends time and generations it is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. We are sure you have your favourite character from the series just like everyone else. But if you think like we do, then we are sure Chandler Bing holds a special place in your heart. Matthew Perry turns 46 today (yes, we can’t believe it either) and there’s no better way to celebrate his awesome B-ING than rewinding and going right back to the Central Perk days that were filled with Chandler’s hilarious one-liners and sarcastic remarks. Matthew could turn a year older but Chandler remains forever young. Well, could we BE more happy for him? 
1. When he had to introduce himself
2. Always playing his strengths
3. When he saw the perfect woman
4. When he ended up with “OH. MY. GOD.” Janice
5. When he cracked himself up
6. When Bing decided to binge
7. When…well…Joey
8. When he almost didn’t see the guy
9. Ah! Chandler’s happy dance
10. When he needed to really, REALLY get the job 
11. His funny faces
Pick a favourite, won’t you?