Verdict: An engaging movie with a comical storyline.

Honestly, without a doubt, this month’s dosage of laughter will be this movie. One bag causes chaos and as the movie progresses the chaos keeps escalating exponentially. Director Santhosh has experimented with the genre of this movie; one cannot easily calculate or predict how the audience will react to this movie. After Jil Jung Juk there is the new release in the house – Hara Hara Mahadevaki in Tamil industry which will most probably gain fame because of its offbeat comedy and dialogues filled with pun.

Although it classifies itself as adult humor, there was no vulgarity which is surprisingly laudable. More often than not, in any adult rated comedy, you find unnecessary cringe worthy scenes which are pretty cheap. The reason why this movie is different from other humor based movies because the situation is what makes the audience laugh.  The best part of the movie is its narration; the narrator has done the narration in the style of Muralidarar Swamiji which was quite hilarious and definitely contributed to the humor points.

Hara hara Mahadevaki - BookMyShowGautham Karthik and Nikki Galrani are in the lead roles of this hilarious film. Alongside, there is a cast as talented as Rajendran, Karunakaran, Sathish, Namo Narayana, who share a hand in their contribution to the humor factor. Manobala makes a small appearance in this movie in the title track of this movie. The movie starts off with a comical narration with caricatures on the screen, do not miss out on that by arriving late to the theater.

The plot has three different story lines, which intercept due to consequences of events and things get haywire right after the interception of the paths. The confusion escalates only at an exponential rate until the end of the movie. The director has done a neat job by coming up with such a confusing story line that keeps the audience entertained and engaged the entire time.

The cinematography of this movie definitely needs credit because of the creativity in expressing few scenes. All hail Selvakumar for such brilliance and sorcery with his lens. The characterization of the roles is epic, which can be seen from watching the trailer of this movie. The songs of this movie are quite catchy too, and so are the distinctively comical scenes.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Gautham Karthik is an underrated actor and the movie deserves to be watched for his and Mottai Rajendran’s performance. There is a high chance of the movie being especially liked by the teenagers and the young adults. Other than that, the movie keeps the audience engaged for  two whole hours, which is not an easy task. 

– By Shwetha Srikanth