Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic? The wizards and witches in Hogwarts get a lot of practice with some amazing spells that help them on an everyday basis. But being muggles, we can’t help but wish to do the same. The books and films from the Harry Potter franchise are clear indicators that wielding a wand is much cooler when compared with a sword or a gun. You just have to utter the words and flick your wand and voila! 


But the use of these spells can extend beyond one-on-one combats. Let’s check out a few spells that we could use in real life:

1. Impedimenta: This is a highly useful spell, especially if you are someone who gets into a war of words with total strangers and more often than not, end up getting attacked. Well, Impedimenta will help arrest their momentum as they charge towards you, and while you are at it, you can even bind them or cause them to trip. Just be sure to mention that it is all in good fun to ease the tension, or you will end up getting hurt real bad once the spell is broken.

2. Langlock: Do you have pesky neighbours who wouldn’t stop talking? Or friends who irritate you by constantly conversing when you just need your space? Using Langlock in such scenarios is your best bet as it causes the speaker’s tongue to stick to the roof of their mouth. This way, they can’t talk and disturb you, and you will have made your point without using any violence. Well, sort of.
                                                 JUST SHUT UP!!
3. Accio: This one is for all the lazy bones out there. Accio allows you to summon an object over a great distance by merely saying its name after the spell. This means you can now relax on the couch and have some cold drinks and popcorn delivered to you by magic. The remote is too far away and you need to change the channel? Simply Accio the remote without moving a muscle. Laziness FTW!

4. Lumos: Coming back home late at night after a late movie screening? Then uttering Lumos will help you find your way to the bedroom without waking the whole neighbourhood up. It also comes in handy when you feel like having a midnight snack. So much win!
5. Muffliato: This spell is the perfect way to get some privacy while talking to someone. So no more eavesdroppers listening into your telephonic or personal conversations. Just say Muffliato and enjoy talking to your besties for hours.

6. Pack: Yes, this one is actually a spell. What does it do? It magically packs the caster’s luggage in an orderly fashion without needing any manual effort. Getting ready for your awesome vacation will be so much easier if the cumbersome packing is out of the way!

7. Rictusempra: The tickling spell lets you have a hearty laugh at your friends’ expense. Just be sure to give them time to breathe now and then, and when they feel like the ordeal is over, unleash the invisible tickle monster again. Remember, at the end of the day, you gave someone the gift of laughter. It’s all about the simpler things in life.

So there you have it. If you could use a spell in real life, what would it be?
Also, if any of your spells don’t work out quite as planned, then you can always negate it using Finite Incantatem. Now that’s an advice you won’t get anywhere else. So chant away!

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