The last time we saw him, he was lying on the floor drawing his last breath. And, suddenly our lives were filled with emptiness. But then, something unexpected happened. On that Sunday night, he was there. Dressed in his iconic yellow Hazmat jumpsuit and gas mask. Yes! Walter White aka Heisenberg is resurrected, well… sorta.

Bryan Cranston made his return as the brilliant protagonist of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Walter White, in a Super Bowl advert for an insurance company. Though only for 60 seconds, the meth-lord sure delighted all the Breaking Bad fans.

In the commercial, Walter White tries to pass himself off as a pharmacist and sell drugs to a woman. When she tries to pick up a called-in prescription, but notices that White isn’t Greg, the pharmacy tech. He replies, "I’m sorta Greg. We’re both over 50-years-old, we both used to own a Pontiac Aztec, we both have a lot of experience with drugs… pharmaceuticals. So, say my name.”

Isn’t that epic?

Honestly, you wouldn’t want to meet a drug dealer in your local chemist store. But we love Walter White, and you can’t say no to him! If that works as an excuse.

Watch the ad here:

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