Just when you thought the Internet couldn’t get any more interesting, Microsoft comes up with a brand new toy. Their latest invention, How-old.net allows the user to submit pictures, while it analyzes the face and estimates their age. Sometimes accurately and most of the times with hilarious results. While Microsoft’s new app may not be as groundbreaking as some of their other innovative products, it does lend to some fascinating and humorous ideas — like, say, finding out how old our beautiful superstars are. However, we weren’t really prepared for these outcomes.
Without further comments, let us present to you the result of our experiment:

1) Shah Rukh Khan

Actual Age: 49

2) Salman Khan

Actual Age: 49

3) Anil Kapoor

Actual Age: 58

4) Tom Cruise

Actual Age: 52

5) Johnny Depp

Actual Age: 51

6) Anushka Sharma

Actual Age: 27

7) Hema Malini

Actual Age: 66

8) Rekha

Actual Age: 60

9) Sofia Vergara

Actual Age: 42

10) Jennifer Aniston

Actual Age: 46

By Ekta Shetty