The craze for Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is slowly going down. Almost everyone who wanted to watch the movie has done so, and we are already looking forward to what’s coming next. For us, the most exciting movie of the upcoming weeks is the Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan-starrer Hindi Medium. It’s the story in which the lead characters fight tooth and nail to enroll their daughter into an English-medium school. Their struggle is real, their intentions are pure, but what eventually happens is a joyride of fun and entertainment.

The trailer of the film released earlier this month, and it looks like a blast from the past. Memories evoke of similar movies, these three in particular:  

English Vinglish

If you don’t know how to speak in English, get ready for a lifetime of ridicule from your peers as well as your family. This was first portrayed in the 2012 comedy drama by Gauri ShindeSridevi played a housewife who signs up for English-speaking classes, so her husband and daughter would treat her with more respect. No wonder Saba and Irrfan’s characters in the film are insistent on enrolling their daughter into an English-medium school. The film also throws light on the “Iss desh mein angrezi zabaan nahi hain, class hai!” mindset of the country.

English Vinglish like Hindi Medium - BookMyShow

Taare Zameen Par

Parents taking complete control over their child’s education, without realizing her/his desires or potential – this seems like the plot of a similar movie released 10 years ago. No, the child in Hindi Medium isn’t dyslexic. But like in the Aamir Khan film, she is caught in a mess where her parents decide what’s best for her. Kids may not have an ideal opinion on their early education, but parents often forget to look out for their best interests, and instead focus on pushing them ahead in the race.   


After the release of the trailer, many people argued that the film bore resemblance to the Bengali movie of 2014. Directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad MukherjeeRamdhanu is a similar story of the complex process that parents go through while admitting their son into the school they want to. The trailers of the two movies are also very alike. Check it out:

Now watch the Hindi Medium trailer here:

Hindi Medium releases on the May 12. Keep an eye out for updates about the movie on our blog.