10 Baahubali characters you need to know about

 It’s not often that Indian cinema gets to witness a extravagant masterpiece like director Rajamouli’s Baahubali. And this is one reason enough to celebrate! In the making for close to three years, Baahubali piqued everybody’s attention when the team began promoting the content of the film online. The breathtaking trailer of this film only proved what’s in store for us! Apart from this, the makers of this film also introduced us to the key characters in the film. We’re pretty sure you’ll head to watch this epic flick onscreen. But, before that, here’s what you need to know about the film’s lead characters:

Lead characters
Played by: Prabhas
Tag line: Relentlessly pursuing what his heart yearns; Mover of Heaven and Earth
Prabhas is said to play dual roles in this film. And the name of one character is Shivudu. Showcasing chiseled abs and a beefed up physique, Prabhas was seen carrying a Lingam on his shoulders. 
Played by: Anushka
Tagline: The Smoldering Secret
Clothed in gossamer beige, Anushka’s look revealed that she was tortured and was held captive. The actress will be seen in a brief role in the first-half, and appear as the female lead in the second-half.
Tagline: The Angelic Avenger
Played by: Tamannaah
Tamannaah will play the role of a warrior princess in the film. Her character will reveal the elegant qualities of a princess.
Tagline – The Tyrant King
Played by: Rana Daggubati
The beefed up Rana will play the role of Bhalladeva. The actor is said to have undergone martial arts training for his role in the film!
Tagline – The True King
Playing the titular role in the film, Prabhas appears as the mighty Baahubali.The action-packed poster featuring the actor in the battlefield served as a prequel to how his role will be revealed in the film. 
Supporting Artists:
Played by: Ramyakrishnan
Tagline: Epitome of justice
Not much is revealed about her role in the film. But going by the trailer, it looks like she’ll play the role of a queen. Director Rajamouli has revealed that Sivagami is a very intense character in the film.
Played by: Satyaraj
Tagline: Does it lift your chest high in pride? Or Weigh you down in pain – The slave warrior
Clad in metal armour,  posing in a commanding stature with a tonsured look; Sathyraj plays  the role of Kattappa – the warrior slave.  Director Rajamouli stated that Kattappa’s character believes in  the code of honour. 
Played by: Nasser
Tagline: Uncrowned bitterness
The key antagonist in the film, Nasser will essay the role of Bijjaladeva. He is described as a person who spews venom in every word, resentment in every step and envy in every thought.
Kalakeya Warlord
Played by: Prabhakar
Tageline: The Ruthless
Telugu actor Prabhakar makes a demon like appearance as the Kalakeya Warlord. He is said to be the commander of barbarians and only violence can give him peace. A new language named Kilikili was created just for the Kalakeya tribes.
Aslam Khan
Played by: Sudeep
Tagline: The Persian Noble
Kannada actor Sudeep is said to play the role of a Persian King called Aslam Khan. His role will be brief yet crucial. 
All this only proves how organized and well planned the makers are. Part-one of this film releases July 10th. Which is your favourite charcter in this film? Let us know in the comments section.