10 Bollywood dialogues that we hear almost daily

Bollywood dialogues find their way into our daily conversations and fit in them effortlessly well. So much so that even if you haven’t seen a particular movie, there maybe dialogues that you have heard from family and friends. They become a part of people’s personalities. We would totally expect a “Yeh sunne se pehle mai marr kyun nai gayi” from a typical Indian aunty or a “Haar ke jeetne waale ko Baazigar kehte hain!“ from a crazy filmy friend. We think there should be an award especially for the most popular dialogue for the year! Till the award function organizers ponder on this suggestion, we give you a list of dialogues that have been etched into our memories. Here are the 10 most popular ones that no true Bollywood fan can ever forget.

This was Dharmendra’s patented dialogue, at least we think so! He said it in multiple movies and with what conviction!
How many times have we said this in our Amitabh Bachchan voice (yes, everyone has got one) and smirked?  
This Sholay dialogue was one of the great ones that came from the movie. However, now it’s more of a double entendre that can raise eyebrows. If you know what we mean 😛   
Like father, like son! Sunny Deol’s ‘dhai kilo ka hath’ is the stuff of Bollywood legends!
The way Amrish Puri said it in DDLJ! Nothing describes freedom in a more filmy way than this dialogue does.
It was cute when the kid sardar in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai said it. But now only if we were given a penny for the number of times this has been used, when someone was leaving…
Just when you’ve lost all hope and are going to give up, you remember Shahrukh Khan in his Om Shanti Om get-up telling you this! 😛 
Salman Khan said it and once bhai says it, it’s impossible that the dialogue won’t become legendary!
We wonder what would happen if we tried this dialogue in real life! 😛 *Says the dialogue* ***slap sound***
This one had to make it to the list for all the Gangs of Wasseypur lovers out there. And not to forget all the times it has been used in trolling people 🙂