Everyone loves to shy away from the glow of Bollywood. The anomaly about Mumbai is that there’s a good chance that the stars of tomorrow would be roaming around empty stomach on the roads today .

To some, the city gave more than the demand and to others, the city took everything they had brought along.

There have been a few Bollywood actors who, despite being super popular in their hay day ended up in really humble conditions towards the end of their life.

Thus, here are a few Bollywood actors who faced financial difficulties post their prime.

#1 Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was the discovery of the seventies. Her immense and almost immediate success saw more and more producers casting her in their film. However, things didn’t remain the same.

It’s believed that during her last days, she would often find herself to be falling short of funds for her treatment. In fact, after her death, her dead body was found lying in her house unclaimed for 2 days.


#2 Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari lived and breathed through an era that started to use her name as an adjective for something beautiful. Thus, it’s particularly heartbreaking to know that this gem of Indian cinema died penniless with not even enough money to pay her hospital bills.


#3 Vimi

Actor of films like Humraaz and Patanga, actress Vimi was riding the success of fame in the 70s. She went into depression soon after being divorced from her husband. Their last days can be judged by this, her body had to be taken to the trunk.


#4 Nisha Noor

Nisha Noor was an actress in the Tamil Film Industry. Many superstars from the industry had shown a keen interest in working with her. Soon after, her financial condition fell from bad to worse and this single woman found herself without support. She was rediscovered years later living on the streets, after having lost an enormous amount of weight which left her looking extremely pale and weak.


#5 Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan was the defining actor of the 50s. However after developing a gambling addiction, he lost all his savings in it. Things were so bad that he had to spend the last days of his life in a chawl.


#6 Nalini Jaywant

Nalini Jaywant worked in films from 1941 to 1981. She has been a part of over fifty films. Despite this, she did not have a financially comfortable end to her life. She died a tragically lonely death in 2010 in her Chembur bungalow. Her dead body remained unclaimed for a few days.

Nalini jayant

#7 Gavin Packard

The Bollywood baddie you’ve literally seen in every action film of the 80s and 90s didn’t have a fairytale end. Gavin lost the battle to a respiratory disorder when he was 48. He died in a nursing center in Vasai.

Sanjay Dutt confesses that Gavin was the one who introduced Sanjay to body building.


# 8 A. K. Hangal

Known as the uncrowned king of theater, A. K. Hangal,  is a part of uncountable super hit films. He was unable to get treatment due to lack of money in the last days. Amitabh Bachchan had given twenty lakhs for his treatment.


#9 Bhagwan dada

Despite being an unconventional in his appearance for the time, Bhagwan Dada found success as an actor, director and writer. However after a chain of flop films, he was forced to sell his 25-bedroom Juhu house, his fleet of 7 cars and move to a chawl with his family. Once the wealth went away, his social circle of friends did too. Bhagwan Dada died in 2002 at the age of 89.


#10 Raj Kiran

No one needs to be reminded of how big of a name Raj Kiran was in the film industry. Still vividly remembered for playing the pre-reincarnated Rishi Kapoor in Subhash Ghai’s Karz, Raj Kiran is said to have fallen on familial crisis which followed his family abandoning him.

After being vanished for almost 10 years, actor Rishi Kapoor seemed to have made some progress in tracking down his old colleague. Rishi Kapoor, in 2011 told TOI, “I decided to look up Raj’s elder brother Govind Mehtani to find out about Raj. I was so relieved when Govind told me Raj was alive. But he was confined to an institution in Atlanta due to health problems”


The city of Mumbai isn’t kind to anyone, even if you’re a big successful star.