10 Books That We Saw Our Favorite Stars Read In Bollywood Movies

Books have always been special to Bollywood and we bet you didn’t know that they were carefully placed in some movies. Our directors pay attention to detail, more than we know. Everything has a meaning in the movies, even the things you didn’t think matter.

The little things, like they say, matter. The amount of attention to detail creators have put is quite fascinating.

Here are a few little moments that were meaningful.

1. Tamasha– Catch 22


In the beginning, Tara (Deepika Padukone) finds ‘Catch 22’ on Ved (Ranbir Kapoor’s) bed and sees Social’s logo. Cut to four years later, we see her reading the very same book at the very same cafe where she meets Ved again.  If you see it, in a way, Tamasha is Imtiaz Ali’s tribute to ‘Catch 22’.

2. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na– The Beauty Myth

Jay’s mom Ratna Pathak Shah is seen reading a book when she tells her son “Hoothon pe seeti, chal mein uchal, maajara kya hai?” That book says a lot about her character.  ‘The Beauty Myth’ by Naomi Wolf is classic feminist literature, it talks about how physical perfection is an obsession in the world we live in today. Ratna’s character was of a single loving and caring mother who has these quarrels with this annoying inspector Waghmare.

3. Rang De Basanti– Shantaram

Rang De Basanti

In a very light and small moment in Rang De Basanti, we see Aamir Khan’s character DJ and Alice Patten’s character Sue reading Shantaram.  It is very carefully placed in Rang De Basanti, likewise, the book revolves around a foreigner.

4.  Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge– The Scarlet Temptress


Conveniently enough, when Raj and Simran first lay eyes on each other, it is in a train compartment. Simran (Kajol) is reading a book, she’s so irritated that she holds the book upside down. Raj is well trying to keep her in the irritated mood by being in her face. The book she is holding upside down is The Scarlet Temptress is a story about a sultry heroine and a dashing hero.

5.  Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara– The New York Trilogy


Kabir (Abhay Deol) is seen reading a book when he argues with Natasha (Kalki Koechlin), that book is a detective trilogy ‘The New York Trilogy’.  We see a man who is in a relationship with a woman who is completely different than he is. What reading the trilogy signifies is that the man is trying to escape into a world of mystery to avoid talking to his fiance.

6. Main Hoon Na– Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix


We see Boman Irani reading Harry Potter and the Order of Pheonix, a story where a headmaster is helping a hero to destroy the villain. Now, where have we heard that before?

7. Meri Pyaari Bindu– Love Story

Meri Pyaari Bindu

While Abhimanyu Bubla Roy and Bindu Shankar Narayan are seen getting together in a song called ‘Afeemi’ (drug of love). We see Eric Segal’s Love Story on the side of their bed.

8. Goliyon Ki Raas Leela- Ram Leela: Mills & Boon

Ram Leela

Before the heartbreaking and well-executed end sequence of ‘Goliyon Ki Raas Leela- Ram Leela’ when Leela (Deepika) reaches out for the gun to shoot Ram (Ranveer). A movie where two star-crossed lovers were taking each other’s lives, there was a shot where we see a Mills & Boon novel in the very drawer where she keeps the gun.

9. Dear Zindagi– No Easy Day

Dear Zindagi

Gauri Shinde’s film on mental health and its reality in India, we see Alia Bhatt holding ‘No Easy Day’ in her hand. No Easy Day by Matt Bisonette is a first-hand account of the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

10. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – On The Road and  Textbook of Microbiology

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is the film that defines all the different relations that we deal with in today’s world. In the start we see Naina (Deepika) holding a number of textbooks one of them was a Textbook of Microbiology.

Later in the film, we see On The Road by Jack Kerouac held by Ranbir before the song Illahi begins. Symbolizing his state of mind and life.

How many did you notice?