There is something special about Bollywood that brings a different kind of magic on the big screen and believe me, we are not the only ones who feel this way.
Bollywood manages to spread its charm all across the globe and not just people in our country but Hollywood celebs all across the globe have expressed their desire and love for Bollywood and we couldn’t be more proud.

Here are 10 Hollywood celebs who have confessed their love for Bollywood and our favorite B-town stars.

1) Kristen Stewart

kristen stewart

Kristen has been very vocal about her love for Bollywood and Hrithik Roshan to be precise. During an interview, she mentioned how she would love to be a part of a Bollywood project and if she ever has kids, she would want them to look like Hrithik but with Robert Pattison’s eyes.

2) Gerard Butler


Gerard absolutely loves Bollywood movies and his favorite B-town celeb happens to be Priyanka Chopra. In fact, he had also revealed once that he had auditioned for a role in ‘Lagaan’.

3) Kim Kardashian


Kim’s no stranger to Bollywood either and she absolutely loves Shahrukh and Salman Khan. She also expressed her desire to work in Salman and was approached for Bigg Boss.

4) Jackie Chan


Jackie Chan has expressed his love for Bollywood numerous times and has also worked with Malika Sherawat and we don’t know if that counts as a good experience or not but he did mention that he loves Bollywood so much that he would work on a discount if required to be a part of a Bollywood project.

5) Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel Radcliffe loves the dance and drama that Bollywood is made of and he even stated that he would love to be a part of the same if he ever gets the opportunity. He also happens to be a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar.

6) Julia Roberts


Julia was swarmed by the media when she was in India shooting for ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and it was then when she spoke about her love for Bollywood and how she would love to act in a Bollywood movie in near future.

7) Jean-Claude Van Damme


When action superstar Van Damme was asked if he would like to act in a Bollywood movie, he stated he would love to work with the most beautiful woman on earth, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

8) Robert Pattinson


Robert revealed that he is a huge fan of ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ and absolutely loves Shah Rukh Khan. Pattinson also mentioned how he would love to work in a Bollywood movie and dance and sing at the same time. Well, he’s gonna have to learn how to do that if he wants to work in a Bollywood movie.

9) Sylvester Stallone


Remember when Sylvester shared the screen with Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in ‘Kambhakkt Ishq’ and also spoke in Hindi? Well, he confessed having to wanted to work in a Bollywood movie for a long time and this might excite Bhai fans because he also expressed his desire to make ‘The Expendables’ with Shahrukh Khan.

10) Tom Cruise


Cruise hasn’t really mentioned who his favorite B-town celeb is but one thing that makes us feel really proud is that he once stated that he will NEVER say no to a Bollywood movie.

Bollywood is certainly one of the best things that have happened to mankind and we are not surprised about the fact that people all across the globe love our favorite Tinseltown folks!