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10 Real Life Events That Merit A Movie

Every day, while reading newspapers, surfing the internet or even when you read your Facebook notifications, you come across stories that are more than ordinary. The media with its constant bias and prejudices gives us a distorted picture of the facts. Don’t we all deserve to know the truth? Cinema is a medium that has the power to reach out to millions, and show them the truth.

We have seen movies like No One Killed Jessica and Talvar that show us the actual events that were recorded amidst the sensational murders. Many other stories also need to be given the same treatment. While some movies can become eye-openers for the general public, some others based on true events can be great sources of entertainment.

Here, we have listed down real life stories that we would love to see re-created on the silver screen.

1. Sheena Bora Murder Case
sheenaboramurdercaseA mother kills her daughter for getting into a relationship with her stepson.

This is one of the most sensational crime stories with perfect cinematic elements that comprise a nail-biting crime thriller. Amidst the media biases and fabrication of facts, a well thought-out movie can bring across the real events that led to this ghastly murder.

2. Parveen Babi’s lifeparveen-babiAmidst the glam of Bollywood, a one-time big league actress is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She was mentally disturbed for a long time and melancholy and seclusion always haunted her. This movie can create awareness about the dark side of the film industry and also about the life of a schizophrenic.  

3. Andreas Lubitz Plane crash
france_plane_crash_papp2-compressedThe plane crash shocked the world as its co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who was suffering from chronic depression and had previously shown suicidal tendencies according to some reports, had deliberately caused its crash. About 144 passengers and 6 crew members died in this horrific crash.

4. Noida Serial Murders nithaari-compressedChildren went missing without a trace from one of Delhi’s residential localities. As the case progressed, it was discovered that the children were raped, killed and also eaten in one of the cases. One of the most horrendous crimes of this century, the Noida serial murders have still not been completely solved as the accused has confessed to just 5 crimes while the other murders are still a mystery.

5. The tragedy of a South Korean movie producerjeanne-compressedShin-Sang-ok, a South Korean movie producer, was kidnapped by North Korea’s Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-il. It seems the leader was not really impressed with the cinema there as he ordered Shin-Sang to improve North Korea’s movie industry. If a movie is made on this event, the exploits of Shin-Sang as he searched for ways to finally escape can make for a really interesting plot.

6. Bhopal Gas Tragedybhopal8-compressedThe effects of this historical tragedy are still quite prevalent in the lives of all those who faced this dreadful industrial disaster. A movie that looks at the various aspects of this incident without any biases will also create awareness about the standards such an industry needs to set to avoid endangering human lives.

7. Life of Jeanne de Clissonjeanne-pirate-compressedPopularly known as the Lioness of Brittany, Jeanne de Clisson was a Bretton noblewoman. She is famous for her long career as a pirate in the waters of the English Channel. When her husband was killed on the orders of the French King Philip VI, she swore revenge and started massacring the French nobility, which ultimately led her to flee the land and take refuge on the seas.

8. Biopic on Mr. Narendra Modinarendra-modi-bjp-leader-hd-wallpaper1-compressedThe life of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is indeed nothing less than a film script. It can show the many twists and turns on his journey from being achaiwalato becoming the Prime Minister of India. This would be a sureshot blockbuster.

9. Life of Manvendra Singh Gohilmanvendra-compressedHe is a royal prince from Gujarat and the best known person of royal lineage in modern India who has publicly spoken about his homosexuality. This can be a rather inspirational movie for all those who fear coming out of the closet.

10. Lambi Dehar Mines Horrorlambi-dehar-mines-2-compressedWe all love getting scared and therefore, a horror story is something that will always entertain. India has a lot of mysterious places where supernatural forces have been experienced by the locals. Like the Lambi Dehar Mines, which were shut after 5 lakh workers died coughing blood. Witches seen by locals, unusual deaths and inexplicable occurrences make for the perfect spooky, spine-chilling script.

–Gladis Monteiro