Imtiaz Ali’s romantic-comedy, Jab We Met, continues to be one of the most loved films even after 10 years of its release. The 2007 film Jab We Met needs no introduction. The character of Geet was inspired by a girl Imtiaz Ali met on a bus in Delhi. “Geet was inspired by a girl I met while travelling in a bus.

Imtiaz had opened up in an earlier interview, “Locations were all mixed up. We were shooting Ratlam in Manali, which I would avoid today. We never went to Ratlam to shoot and we cheated many places. Manali has been shot in Shimla, and Shimla has been shot in Manali. We were doing all that because we were in a big hurry. We had to complete the shoot in a certain time because both the leads –—Kareena and Shahid had to start other films.”

But when I saw that movie, I realised that Imtiaz has left his little something in the movie.

1. The Logo of the movie

If you look closely, the logo of the movie is placed according to a train station. Since the movie revolves around the train and train stations, the way it has been arranged seems apt. The font and everything seem quite similar to the one you find it at platforms.

2. Leaving the car keys symbolized giving up on life but ironically opened a new door in his life

What do you do when you are completely broken up? When you have no resemblance to what is right and wrong? When you stop caring and everything you own, doesn’t matter? Have you ever felt like leaving everything behind and just running away? This is what this scene tries to show.

3. Changing modes of transport was aimed to signify ‘being lost’

The movie has time and again the importance of going back to the roots. To the culture, to embracing your true self. Whether it’s Geet or Aditya, the time when they leave and embrace their true self, that’s when they are truly happy. From the luxury BMW car to the bus ride, he is leaving the luxuries he knows to back his roots to find himself.

4. Geet’s journey starts when she misses the train

Geet had said it much earlier in the movie that she has never skipped catching the train. Symbolically, the train signifies her journey. She always knew what she wanted and was on her path to that journey. The train has always meant a change from one place to another. We all know that. But in this movie, it represented Geet’s life. She was in Bombay for studying and a change in her life began when she took on a journey back to Amritsar.

But when she couldn’t catch the train, that’s when her life took a major turn.

5. Everything you need to know about Geet can be learned from this one scene

If one thing that strikes anyone’s mind, when I say, Geet, his her bubbly and talkative personality. While it was her bindass Sikhni personality saved her couple of times, it did create a lot of issues for her. In the scene, we notice how it was her blabber with the stall owner which led her to miss the train. When Aditya dropped her to the station, she still had time to catch the train. We all know that at times, the waiting time at certain stations are less than 2 minutes and yet, Geet being Geet, decided to fight on the extra Rs.2 that the owner was charging her.

In a way, we can see that it was this habit of hers that led her to the heartbreak. She left her house to marry without even knowing whether Annshumaan wanted to!

6. The song “Hum jo chalne lage” literally summarizes the first half of the movie.

Throughout the movie, we see his different shades of his character. During the first half of the movie, we see that he is depressed and has no will to fight his problems. His major thought process was to escape. He even left the train he was boarding, just to escape Geeet. But soon we see him transitioning and this song – Hum jo chalne lage Chalne lage hai yeh raste, haaan haaan, Manzil se behtar lagne lage hai yeh raste.. is actually his situation.

In the song, we see his childish manners coming out and how happy he was when he followed his heart.

7. Why Aditya tells Geet about being the CEO of Kashyap Industries

Aditya is a very private person. His personal life was in shreds. His father is dead, his mother is going to court against him (and has run away with another man) and his girlfriend is marrying another man. So when he met Geet, it was quite understandable for him to protect his identity, albeit one important part of his life. What this scene shows us is that while he had started to like her, he now trusts her enough to tell her his real identity.

8. Even though the film is about love, there are no happy couples in the movie.

The movie talks about love and how love is the only way anyone can be truly happy. They have time and again showed us that a breakup can alter person’s personality. But if you actually think about it, the movie which proclaims and speak of true love has no happy romantic relationships. Aditya’s parents were unhappy. There was no mention of Geet’s father. Aditya’s girlfriend leaves him and marries someone else. Anshuman breaks up with Geet and while we see some happy moments with Aditya and Geet, those weren’t during the courtship period.

9. Role-Reversal

It’s been 10 years since we remember Geet as a bubbly, talkative girl but what we may not remember is that for a brief period in the movie, Aditya and Geet had a role-reversal of sorts where Geet ran away from her life and lived a quiet brooding life, the kind Aditya was preparing himself for. Similarly, Aditya went back to his office and started acting happy and chirpy, quite like Geet.

10. The women in the movie

The major characters in the movie are kind of fickle. Aditya’s mother is someone who has left her husband for love, Aditya’s girlfriend had left him and married someone else. Geet cannot make a decision as to whom that she is indeed in love with. Geet’s sister jokes with Aditya whether Anshuman is her consolation prize because she had her eyes earlier on Aditya himself.