Bollywood has been growing since time immemorial and with the technological advents, the genre of horror movies has seen a great change. Filmmakers have always had a special corner for horror movies and are coming up with better stories and plots every year. With Anushka Sharma starred Pari releasing this year, horror movies are definitely upping the game for future movie makers. However, there are certain things in horror movies that we guess all movie-goers have come used to and we wish if directors could come up with anything but them.

1. Eating animals

We are all in for animal lovers and we are okay with the fact that not everyone has vegetarian genes, the liberty being extended to the dead as well. Also, we are okay with the fact that not everyone has the time and patience to marinate dogs and cats, some prefer an attack. So, eating cats and dogs off the streets doesn’t scare us anymore.


2. Burnt faces

After having a childhood watching Freddy Kruger and The Exorcist, we have come to terms with burnt faces. Also, let’s just stop burning faces and terming them as scary.


3. Creaking windows

People who live in metropolitans are used to everything creaking. Be it the windows, the main door that doesn’t lock or even the bed creaking on the floor above. We are fine and not every creaking thing has a ghost playing hide and seek.


4. Empty Attics or cluttered basements

Not every attic or basement has a history of a bunch of war prisoners dying there. Some attics can be freshly constructed and are sometimes the only choice if you need a room to your own.


5. Dolls

We all have played with them and no, they are not that bad. How about we find some brand new things for the spirit to possess? How about our not-so-smart smartphones playing scary music at 4 a.m all by themselves?


6. Ghosts below the bed

There has got to be better, new and scarier places for ghosts because everyone has a different modus operandi. So how can every ghost end up with the plagiarised idea to lie beneath a bed and wait for the clock to strike 3 a.m?


7. Flickering lightbulbs

There is physics and then there is current. It’s high time we get past flickering bulbs and lights as a wake-up call. Or maybe, we could use some other way to mark the arrival of the Demogorgon.


8. Dead Bodies

Morgues, dead bodies, and graveyards are a breeding ground for spirits. At least that’s what we have been taught through horror movies since time immemorial. But, since we now know how it works, a dead body talking doesn’t scare the shit out of us anymore. (We meant, on screen!).


9. Black cats

This has been racism to a whole new level. It is high time that we leave these little felines alone for good, for what’s in the color?


10. Black Hooded People

Anonymous is masked and it is always fighting for the good. So masked and hooded people might be your saviors for a change?


Scriptwriters, how about we find something really fresh and raw this time to get us biting our nails? Because all of this we have gone pretty immune to!