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15 Bollywood Dialogues That Actually Make Sense

Bollywood is known for over the top action, drama and romance. It makes us see a larger-than-life picture that almost all of us aspire. While the number of people who aspire the kind of life our movie stars seem to have is a lot, only a tiny number of people actually manage to achieve it. And for those who don't, they suffice by quoting Bollywood dialogues here and there in their daily lives.

It is believed that dialogues in Bollywood movies only make sense in movies, but there are a few of them that actually make sense in real life, if you come to think of it. You can relate to them and even get inspired by them – for real. We have made a list of 15 such dialogues here:

Munna, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.
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Munna made miracles happen at the medical university but when he says "Tension lene ka nai sirf dene ka" he makes legit sense. In an age where everyone is stressed about something or the other, it is always better to give up on some tension, and pass it to others especially for those who deserve them.

Laila, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
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The world is up in the morning to work towards a great future ignoring the fact that they are actually losing out on the present. Nobody knows what lies in the future, it is best to cherish what we have now.

Farhan, 3 idiots
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This is one of the most earnest and truest statements to ever be made on the screen. Every student can relate to this. Every. Student.

Siddharth, Shaadi Ke Side Effects
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Most husbands work towards earning a decent living. Wives, on the other hand, have a lot to do, especially housewives. And who helps them? Their husbands? No, their kaamwaali bai.

DJ, Rang De Basanti
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Another universal truth. While college life is undoubtedly the best, it changes drastically after college and you get to know the real world, which makes you value a lot of things that you probably took for granted earlier.

Bhaskor Banerjee, Piku
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Everyone battling the ailment of constipation can relate to this. Notice how your days go when your motions are right and the way life sucks when they aren't.

Pappi, Tanu Weds Manu Returns
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Kejriwal ji, please take note. All the Bike racing, showing off and smokes, it is all because of some guy is trying to impress a girl.

Arjun, Namastey London
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This one might seem tad romantic but if you take this dialogue and apply it in real life, it could prove to be rather inspiring.

Jai, Chashme Baddoor
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Every best friend has quoted this dialogue to that one majnu friend. And why not? They are proud chaddies, coping up with all the nonsense since eternity.

Kabir, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
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Truly stated. If you want to accomplish something in your life, you've got to start somewhere. You have to leave things behind when you set your eyes on something that lies ahead.

Anand, Anand
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Another gold from the mines of Bollywood. It tells you to have the time of your life in the little time that you can say is yours.

Justice Sharma, Jolly LLB
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Here is a funny take on the original, vintage dialogue, where kanoon is deemed to be andha.

Vikram, Luck By Chance
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Taking the back seat and cribbing about things that have happened is not going to help you, standing up and doing something about it will.

Arjun, Jannat
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It is the human nature to value only the things one doesn't have or have lost. You start valuing things once you lose them. 

Rancho, 3 Idiots
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Baba Ranchoddas is one person who made more sense to the students of India than all their school teachers combined. This one being the most sensible of all.

Do you also have a dialogue that you think made sense for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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