15 things you should never say to a Bollywood fan

We all love discussing films. Be it with our buddies, office colleagues or with our mothers.

And in every group, there is always this one person who swears by Bollywood. Nay, they breathe Bollywood. And would marry Bollywood if it was legal. Saying anything that undermines their favorite film industry is a strict no-no. Countless debates and hair-pulling sessions have ensued just because you said something casually that a  Bollywood fan didn’t roll with. In order to avoid any future awkwardness, here’s a list of things you should refrain from uttering around a die-hard Bolly-nerd (Yes, it’s a thing). 

1. Boss, Salman Khan does the same role in every movie.

2. Haha. I like how everyone on the road knows the same dance moves.

3. I wish SRK stopped acting.

4. Aamir Khan movies are overrated. 

5. I can’t dance to this. It is Bollywood music!

6. What’s up with Maa ka Doodh? 

7. Why are all the fantasy song sequences shot in Switzerland?

8. My maid acts better than Katrina.

9. Maratha Mandir has been playing DDLJ for over a 1000 weeks because no one else wants to release a movie there.

10. I am not wasting money on a movie with Tushar Kapoor in it. 

11. Item numbers are humiliating to women. That’s something we should ban.

12. (while watching a trailer)… You know which Hollywood movie this film is copied from?

13. What’s a Sholay? Do you get it only in Punjab?

14. Okay, so the hero dies in the end. What’s the big deal?

15. This movie sucks.

So yeah, pretty much anything and everything you say to a Bollywood fan can and will be held against you. My advice? Look for new friends.

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