If we were really trying very hard to look at something positive during these times, we would say that people have finally understood how important it is to wash hands. Never have Earthlings been so educated about the correct technique to wash and hands and for how long. The 20-second hand-wash has now become a norm and to make it easier, singing Happy Birthday was suggested so that we exactly know how much time has passed. Singing Happy Birthday can get old really fast and that is why we have come up with 20 Bollywood songs that you can sing when you wash your hands the next time. At the end, there is a refresher on the correct technique to wash your hands as well.

All the Rajni fans, don’t miss the chance to wash your hands on Lungi Dance

It is always Holi time when you are singing Balam Pichkari

Shake a leg while humming Jai Jai Shiv Shankar

Get your Saathiya to wash hands as well

Spread the word not germs to your Bandhus

Everyone who loves Punjabi tunes, we have got something for you as well

Only 90s’ kids will remember this one

Don’t forget to do a round of Garba after this one

The love anthem has now become the hand wash anthem

Who knows when this will end

Your message to your soap

Keep the rock and roll party going

Remember the last wedding you attended

In a  zoobi-doobi kind of times, this is what you need

Give your soul and throat some cleaning as well

Because you know you have to repeat this process tomorrow

You have danced to this song at least once in your life

Sometimes you just need a feel-good tune

When you are taking it one day at a time

Sing this to the world outside your door

Aren’t you already looking forward to trying these Bollywood songs when you wash your hands the next time? Make the best of the times, right? Stay tuned to get more recommendations about what you can watch. As promised, a short video on the correct technique to wash your hands. Stay safe!