5 Best Cricket Movies in Bollywood

The Cricket World Cup has just ended. But cricket in our country is far from over, with the T20 League setting its foot on the minds, stadiums and TV screens of the fans for the next 2 months. It is a popular saying that Cricket in our country is treated nothing less than a religion. This game has never failed to make an impact on Bollywood as well. Here we present to you 5 Bollywood movies that were all about those high hitting sixes, tumbling wickets, the cheer and the sweat.

 1. Lagaan

Whenever the words ‘Cricket’ and ‘Bollywood’ are used in the same sentence, Lagaan is one film which will always find a mention. The movie, a story about how a group of villagers defeat the English men at their own game remains one of the best Aamir Khan films ever.


2. Iqbal

The film is about a young boy who follows his passion for cricket despite all odds. The awe – inspiring film won both hearts and box numbers, providing Shreyas Talpade with the perfect Bollywood debut.


3. Kai Po Che!

Set against the backdrop of communal violence, Kai Po Che is a story of friendship. Sushant Singh Rajput plays an ex-district level cricket player who becomes a victim of politics when it comes to selection. He spots a budding talent and making him a cricketer of the highest order, becomes his primary aim in life.


4. Patiala House

‘It is the sport that matters, and not the colour of the jersey.’ The movie sends out this message, loud and clear.


5. Hattrick

The game of cricket affects every Indian. Be it a love struck boy, a patient counting his last days, or a poor immigrant. The movie reflects the love for cricket in its purest form.

Here’s a list what we think are the best Bollywood movies involving cricket. Please post your favourites in the comments section below.

Vikas Nopany

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