5 Bollywood actresses with million dollar smiles

Smile is a woman’s weapon. And when you are a beautiful Bollywood actress, then you have the potential of injuring a billion people. Their beaming smile is what lights up the silver screen every time. From commercials to bill boards, they literally are every where just captivating us with those hypnotic smiles. These gorgeous ladies have charmed the world. We give you five actresses who have dazzled us with their smiles. 

Madhuri Dixit

The ‘dhak dhak’ girl stole everyone’s heart with her moves. But the first thing you notice about Madhuri is her lovely smile. She can make hearts melt and how!


Deepika Padukone

The sexiest smile we have seen in awhile. Deepika can easily mesmerize armies with her bewitching smile.


Alia Bhatt

She is bubbly and cute, and so is her smile. Her smile has won so many hearts in such a short time frame. We love Alia‘s antics and her angelic smile.


Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti has a contagious smile. A smile that you just cannot ignore. It is just priceless to look at. 


Preity Zinta

We love those dimples! Her smile can disarm people and stop them on their tracks.   


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