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5 Bollywood Cameos We Cannot Get Over

If you are ever in doubt about the importance of cameos in movies, think about Stan Lee's contribution to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cameos can make dull movies interesting and the exciting ones even more so. There are some cameos which stand out because of the stellar performance and long after the movie is forgotten, the cameo isn't. 

Bollywood has also picked up on the importance of cameos and sometimes instead of shouting out castings from the rooftops, they prefer to keep it under wraps unveiling it during the release. A good cameo is often a welcome surprise and here are some of the great ones from Bollywood we just cannot get over.

Amitabh Bachchan in English Vinglish
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English Vinglish is considered a pathbreaking movie when it comes to the concept. Sridevi's comeback couldn't have been better. The story about a woman trying to prove her worth brought us to tears. One of the initial scenes featured Amitabh Bachchan as a helpful co-passenger who helps Shashi (Sridevi) make the most of her first time on an airplane. It is one of the most touching scenes.

Abhishek Bachchan and Jaaved Jaffrey in Salaam Namaste
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Salaam Namaste is your typical rom-com that cannot go wrong. But it is also the movie which introduced us to "aigzactly" delivered by Jaggu (Jaaved Jaffrey) complete with a weird accent we are sure only he could pull off. We also heard Abhishek Bachchan narrating the story and eventually saw him at the very end in what could be described as one of his most hilarious performances which had us in splits.

Ranveer Singh in Finding Fanny
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Ranveer Singh's appearance as Gabo in Finding Fanny was a short one and a big surprise for the audience. As expected, even in a cameo, Ranveer Singh managed to impress. The role didn't require him to deliver too many dialogues, but the antics are something you would expect out of him.

Hrithik Roshan in Don 2
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If there were ever a list of surprise cameos, this would top the list. The audience was just trying to figure out what role he would be playing in this movie when we realized he wasn't playing any. But he surely gave this movie a Mission Impossible-like feel.

Akshay Kumar in Dishoom
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Akshay Kumar's cameo in this movie is memorable for a number of reasons, which starts with the throwback to the Desi Boyz and giving the lead stars an opportunity to show off their body in this movie. Like everything he does, Akshay owns his role as the homosexual playboy Sameer Gazi. The life and times of Sameer Gazi are certainly something that we would pay to watch. Also, don't forget he taught you to take that perfect selfie.

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