5 Bollywood Franchises that should have died

We are peppered with sequels from Bollywood this year, if you know what I mean. So, should we be excited? Well, honestly, the sequels tend to scare us at times. Not that they are bad, but they do numb our senses. We’ve got another ABCD 2! We also have Hera Pheri 3 and Tanu Weds Manu Returns. It’ll sure be great to see the peppy Kangana Ranaut in the rom-com and Varun Dhawan shake a leg with Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2. Hera Pheri 3? We already got a sequel to Hera Pheri way back in 2006. And we didn’t really like it much.
This isn’t something new. Every year Bollywood treats us to hackneyed sequels, which drive us into a state of frenzy.

Here are five Bollywood franchises that should actually stop! But, all thanks to us, no matter how hard they’ve worked to turn us against them, the aam junta just couldn’t get enough of this baloney.


Failures are pillars of success. We used to believe in this, until Sajid Khan happened. Housefull 3, again? Who wants to watch a film which has nothing to offer besides stale comedy, few songs and Bollywood bombshells in bikinis? Well, of course, we do! Tch, tch.



We always wait with breathless anticipation for the Dhoom films. Indiawaale went crazy when Dhoom 3 released in 2013. Aamir Khan starring in one of the most popular Bollywood franchise ever! Now, that was a big deal. However, the excitement fizzled out way too soon. But, we still wait for the next Dhoom film. Don’t we?


After the release of Krrish 3, Vivek Oberoi was so overwhelmed with the positive response that he compared his performance to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight. That’s all folks!


What makes Singham a hit? Is it the flying cars, massive explosions or Ajay Devgn? We aren’t very sure. No one is.


Oh! We love this one! The Khan factor always wins. It’s the same old formula every time. A muscle-flexing hero, a demure lady and few goons. It always works.


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