5 Bollywood Stars Who Had to Work on their Hindi Skills

Bollywood may be known for its drama and action-packed movies but one of the many other things it is popular for, is introducing us to pretty faces from other countries who might not be most comfortable conversing in Hindi but steal our hearts nonetheless. 

Of course, we understand Hindi is not an easy language for people who haven't grown up speaking it and one cannot just master it overnight. Here are five Bollywood divas though who are fine-tuning their Hindi skills and making sure good looks are not just what they are known for. We know they are putting in all efforts to do a top job. It is not for nothing they have been ruling hearts all this while.  Have a look.

Katrina Kaif
The half-British actress who was crtiticized for her Hindi has been around for almost 13 years now and has made decent progress with the language. In fact, one of our very recent article talks about Katrina having worked with most of the Khans. Now doesn't that already say too much about her popularity?


Jacqueline Fernandes
Jacqueline is known to be a very hardworking actress. The Sri-Lankan beauty who made her debut with Aladin in 2009 could barely speak Hindi until Kick happened. And then there was no looking back. Not only did she impress Salman but all of India with the kind of perfection she delivered in the language.


Sunny Leone
Known for delivering to us sexy item numbers like Baby Doll and Pink Lips, the Indo-Canadian actress is already much loved by everyone. Sunny's Hindi has only improved from the time she made her Bollywood debut. The sultry actress takes special lessons for three hours daily to get better. How's that for dedication?


Narghis Fakri
Born half American-Half Pakistani, there was no way Narghis could have possibly been good with spoken Hindi. The actress who rose to fame with the film Rockstar always tries to rehearse her script with her co-stars in order to deliver a better performance every time. One can say she's getting there.


Lisa Haydon
Lisa, who made her debut with the movie Aisha is born to an Australian mother and a Malayali father. She received a lot of acclaim for her brilliant performance in Queen. Having worked in a couple of movies with Akshay Kumar, the actress says he has helped improve her Hindi over time and she is gradually getting better at it.


Way to go, girls!