5 celebrities who were targeted by Rakhi Sawant

Let’s face it, controversy and stardom go hand in hand! And, who would knows this better than Rakhi Sawant of course. With the blessing of her Lord Jejus (Lord Jesus), the sultry siren clearly knows how to stay in news. Famous for her cheeky comments and motormouth personality, Rakhi has left no stones unturned when it came to voicing her opinions. So much that she went to target big-wigs of the film industry as well. Yes, there is no escaping the wrath of Rakhi! Once you’re on her radar, you know there’s one hell of a comment coming your way. Here are 5 celebrities who were targeted by Rakhi:

Her comeback for Khan! (Salman Khan):

So when Salman made a comment about being a ‘virgin’ on Koffee with Karan, looks like Rakhi didn’t get the sarcasm. This is what she had to say: ‘If Salman is virgin, so am I’.

Copy-Kat! (Katrina Kaif): 

We loved how Katrina re-defined item songs with her dance number, Chikni Chameli. With the masses loving every bit of the song, Rakhi was somewhere raging with fury! Why? Because according to her, Katrina Kaif copied her steps in the song!

The infamous lip-lock (Mika Singh): 

We don’t know who was the victim here, but it was definitely a career changing controversy for Rakhi and Mika!

Free life lessons! (Kareena Kapoor Khan):

Yes that happened! When Kareena refused to acknowledge the ‘item girl tag’ Rakhi went on give her life lessons on camera! From career to children to marriage, Rakhi had an opinion about all!

Go back Sunny! (Sunny Leone): 

And her latest ‘bakra‘ was none other than Sunny Leone! We wonder what infuriated Rakhi that she went on say.

‘Get lost from my country, okay?’,

‘Don’t compare me to Sunny Leone’ and

‘I want to beat Sunny Leone!’. 

We wonder what Sunny have to say about this?

Those are some of her priceless opinions that we just couldn’t help but share with you! Now let’s wait and watch who’s next on Rakhi’s list? 😛