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5 Fairy Tales We Would Like To See As Bollywood Movies

Growing up, fairy tales have been a vital part of everyone's life. We've loved reading them and even now, we don't mind spending time revisiting those beautiful childhood memories. With movies like Khoobsurat, Shaandaar and Aladin, our wish to see fairy tales on the big screen has  increased all the more. It is another thrill to watch stories that have defined our growing up years to be translated and adapted in a larger-than-life form on the movie screen, to watch real people flesh out roles we wished we could. Well, if not all, here are at least our top five choices of fairy tales, we would want to see in the form of Bollywood movies (because in the end we're still young at heart, aren't we?).


Don't we all love Rapunzel and her long hair a tad too much? For all we know, she might be just get long tresses to become a rage once again.

Snow White

More than Snow White and her vicious step-mother, our inquisitiveness lies in seeing  who would play the seven dwarfs from the industry.


Because aren't we all fascinated with a little bit of magic in everything? And while there have been many movies based on the fairy tale already, a Bollywood version would only add to the charm..

Beauty and the Beast

There is something very cute about the talking tea set, and of course, not to forget the only 'beast' who ever made his way to our hearts.

The Little Mermaid

This fairy tale will always remain special for it happens to be the first time we all got acquainted with the underwater world. Thanks to Ariel. To say nothing how much it made us believe in what we now call a "fairy-tale romance".