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5 Most Important Reasons to Watch Tubelight

Tubelight is the most awaited movie since last Eid and the excitement can be seen by the views on the teaser, trailer, and songs. Salman Khan is a person who keeps trending on the internet but his releases have the potential to break the internet. For Tubelight, Salman has paired with Kabir Khan for the third time and the film is releasing on 23rd June 2017.

After Sultan, we have been waiting since almost a year to see Sallu Bhai on screen again. We know that no one needs a reason to watch Tubelight, because, obviously, it is Bhai's movie. However, to make the wait more difficult for you, we have here the five most important reason you shouldn't miss Tubelight:

Salman Khan
Salman Khan is the man who everyone loves and watching his Eid releases have become a ritual with the releases in the years gone by. We certainly do not need to explain this point because there's no reason we love him. It is just pure love.

Salman Bhai's Cuteness
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Salman Bhai is too cute in general but by the teaser and trailer and all the songs that have been released till date we could see how cute and innocent his character is. He has this happy aura around him that makes the viewers happy too and happiness is all we need this Eid.

Salman Bhai's Dance

He has a signature dance move in each of his movies and one cannot imagine anybody else pulling that move off. Watching it on YouTube is a diluted experience. We must experience the entertainment on the silver screen in the theaters.

Salman Bhai's innocent dialogue delivery
If you have seen the trailer then you are already obsessing over Bhai's intro. If you are not, then you are surely not a Bhai fan. Dialogues are an essential part of any Salman 
starrer and this one surely has a few gems too.

Salman Bhai's Bhai

We generally see Salman Khan sharing the screen space with Arbaaz Khan in his movies but after a really long time, he will be seen with the youngest one – Sohail Khan. Their chemistry and comradery are what we are all looking forward to.

What do you think is the most important reason that is already pulling you towards the theaters? Let us know in the comments below. And watch this space for Tubelight review.