5 movies based on brotherhood

With the Brothers trailer out, we are all pumped up to watch this action-packed movie. The film is more than a fighting flick, as it also highlights the fact that the lead actors are brothers. Over the years, Bollywood has seen its fair share of films based on brothers, who are separated at birth which leads to a dramatic reunion years later. Many flicks have tried this formula and it has worked wonders for them. Let’s hope the same for Brothers. We can’t wait for Brothers to release but what we can do in the meantime is take you down the memory lane. Here’s a list of some of the most popular Bollywood films based on brotherhood:

1. Karan Arjun
Yes, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan in a movie as brothers! Before all the fights in real life, these two superstars had a face off in reel life! Only to find out that they are actually brothers. Sounds interesting? It sure was.
2. Judwaa
Salman Khan again! Yes, we love to watch movies which has our very own Bhaijaan in it. This film has two! Separated at birth, these twin brothers meet after years and what follows is hilarious.
3. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
A classic Karan Johar movie, with songs, family drama and the whole package. What really makes this film a part of our list is the pairing of Hrithik and SRK as brothers. Emotional, a little bit of comedy and there’s nothing more you could ask for.
4. Kaminey
A dark flick on two brothers who have problems with their speech. That’s not the only problem they face though. Another double role movie which was beautifully carried by Shahid Kapoor. An action-packed, romantic movie which you should really consider watching.
5. Deewar
“Mere paas Maa hai!” Enough said, I guess?
So here are some of our favorite films that salute the brotherly love. Which movies make your list? Let us know.