Movies spice up our lives! There are some films which have touched us so deeply that we cannot seem to get enough of them! Here’s a list of five movies we’d like to see as sequels:


1. Sholay: Gabbar returns to Ramgad with his son in tow. The son will be out to avenge his father’s humiliation. ‘Ye hath humka de Veeru!’

2. The Incredibles: We would certainly love more than one sequel to this animated film. With Shah Rukh Khan voice acting for Mr. Incredible, wouldn’t ‘The Incredibles 2’ have been a better idea than ‘Ra. ONe’?

3. Dead Silence: The dead ventriloquist Mary Shaw has had her way for far too long. Enter a puppeteer and his puppets who are out to get Mary’s tongue! Definitely on our ‘deserves a sequel’ list!

4. Kahaani: Vidya Balan carried this film entirely on her shoulders and what a film it was! A sequel would introduce us to new characters. All of whom would be entangled in a mystery revolving around Vidya’s death. This could pave the way for ‘Dusri Kahaani’

5. Queen: When Rani comes back from her lonely honeymoon, she finds love again. With an introduction of a new character, this film can become a sweet little love story. We’d finally get an ending befitting a Queen!

By Geeta Masurekar


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