5 Movies When Animals Were the Real Stars

There are many actors who have delivered some really captivating performances on screen that have become memorable. However, there have been times a four-legged creature or a wriggling mortal has moved the audiences a great deal, sometimes even stealing all the attention.

Who can forget the very smart Tuffy in Hum Aapke Hain Koun..! without whom Prem and Nisha would have lost each other forever? Remember the Nagin movies, which left you wandering in the world of icchdari naag and nagins.

Let’s take a look at some movies where animals played a crucial role and did complete justice to some wonderful characters scripted for the film.

Teri Meherbaniyan: Dogteri-meherbaniyanDog lovers, be ready to shed tears while watching Moti, the protagonist’s (Jackie Shroff) dog in the movie. The name of the movie is addressed to Moti, who displays extreme loyalty and determination while avenging his master’s murder ultimately leading the cops to the evidence.

Ajooba: Dolphinajooba-compressedThe film will take you straight into the fantasy world of Arabian mythology with the sets resembling the ancient towns of Syria. Ajooba saw Amitabh Bachchan play the titular role, the ultimate superhero, a saviour who will lead his people out of their misery.

Amidst this, one character steals Ajooba’s thunder is a dolphin that saves his life. Ajooba adores her like his mother. Certain scenes like the one where the dolphin responds to Ajooba’s unique calls in an elegant way or the one where it sends a sea monster to rescue him are exhilarating especially for those who saw it in the 90s.

Haathi Mere Saathi: Elephant14_04_2016-hathi_mere_sathi-minRaju’s (Rajesh Khanna) wife feels insecure about her husband’s love for his elephant and asks him to choose between his family and the elephant. Why woman, why? When Raju chooses Ramu (his elephant) over his wife and son, the benevolent elephant takes up the task of reuniting its master Raju with his family.

PS: Weak-hearted animal lovers, stay away. The end of the movie is not going to be a pretty scene for you. sad

Life of Pi: Tigerlife-of-piAn electrifying survival story, Life of Pi, based on a novel of the same name, shows a very beautiful relation interwoven with aspects of religion, philosophy, hope, fear, longing and environment. Here, the animals form central characters especially Richard Parker, the royal Bengal tiger.

An overflow of intense emotions is what you can be assured of as you watch this movie.

Chillar Party: Dogchillar_party_ver5_xlg-min-compressedChillar Party is a touching story about how a bunch of kids fight against a corrupt politician to protect their four-legged friend, Bhidu. You cannot help but be impressed by their enthusiasm and the special bond they share with the dog.

Bhidu ended up being the star of the movie.

— Gladis Monteiro