From the time Anushka Sharma released the movie Pari’s teaser, I have been a fan! Unlike other Bollywood horror movie, this movie definitely looks promising. Each time the teaser was released, I felt this rush of excitement to watch this movie anyhow. You know there are certain movies that you have to go and watch no matter what? This movie is definitely on my list. (Yes, I love horror movies)

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But if you might have noticed, Pari hasn’t been promoted too widely. That’s because Clean Slate Films has opted for a no-promotion strategy. You might be wondering why and the reason is to ensure that no spoiler about the film is leaked and its fear quotient remains intact.

1. The teasers have definitely raised the bar of Indian Horror movies

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Usually, when we discuss Bollywood’s horror, we end up laughing instead of being afraid. Most of the times, they fail to make any sort of impact than the other counterparts (Hollywood, Korean, British cinemas) Audiences have been mocking horror films for more than a decade but with the promos and teasers, it seems that Clean Slate Films have finally raised the bar of the Horror genre.

2. Clean Slate Films are known to have varied content for movies

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Anushka Sharma as a producer is known for making movies that have a risky and bold subject. Even though Clean Slate Film has released only 3 movies till now, all of them have certainly made a mark in the industry. It’s one of the production house that doesn’t mind experimenting something new. NH10 had a strong female lead, Phillauri had a great romance-comedy and Pari seems a perfect horror movie.

3. The VFX used in Pari is one of the best by far

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The film has a high level of visual effects surrounding it. The cinematography and backdrops of the film are done with the help of VFX artists only. Bollywood’s one of the biggest VFX team-Red Chillies has worked on the movie.

4. Anushka’s performance in the movie is giving us the chills

Not always do we have a horror film in Bollywood that sends a shiver down the spine of audiences. But it looks like Anushka Sharma’s upcoming Pari might just change the game. Her blood-red eyes, battered body, and creepy mannerisms are leaving our hearts beating faster.

5. When it comes to any horror films, the background music is quite important and Pari has nailed it.


When it comes to horror movies, music is phenomenally important. It creates a divide between good horror movies and forgettable ones. The background score simply adds up to the thrill giving the audience the eerie feeling. We are sure the movie will have some good tracks since National Award winner Anupam Roy is handling the music. Also, from whatever we have heard (teasers+trailer) the music seems on point!

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