5 reasons why a Bollywood buff should watch Court

  • There are songs with amazing lyrics. Not the ‘Ande ka Funda’ kind, but ones that go ‘Scam, sham, huge malls. Free for all re! Great Fall re!.’ A caveat, though, no one’s dancing with no clothes on. Welcome to the world of protest music. That’s music where you joyously declare that you’re not happy about the way of the world, and yes, it actually allows people to say what they feel about the state of this country, not just the state of Katrina Kaif’s rearranged mouth and lips.
  • In case you have the misfortune of being called to a Court of Law after being fed a diet of Bollywood courtroom dramas full of glorious speeches, you would be appalled to find that lawyers don’t necessarily possess grand oratorial skills, and you will be thoroughly prepared when an arbitrary law turns you into a headless chicken. Turns out a Court in real life would be offended by a sleeveless t-shirt wearing lady. Beware, ladies! The fashion police could get you anywhere!
  • Love David Dhawan comedies? Well, you don’t need to leave your brains at home to find humor because the tragedy of reality can be hilariously funny, not the fat guy farting kind, but the tragic-comedy of a defense lawyer’s impassioned speech about the disenfranchised being interrupted by two guys walking in to install a table fan.
  • You, the Bollywood film buff, are now spared from watching white male villains murder the national language as they mouth incomprehensible gibberish in film after film, because people speak the languages they would normally speak in this movie. This is not a Marathi movie, but it’s a Mumbai movie, a city where the majority speak Marathi, but they also speak in Hindi, English and Gujarati.
  • That little corner of your brain where you send things to die because they are too taxing, dirty, uncomfortable or make you look at those parts of your personality that you really want to change but can’t. Turns out you could actually earn brownie points for working that corner of your brain, and you could go home and sleep easy knowing that you are on your way to becoming a better person, all because you watched this film and laughed about the farce that is the Great Sovereign Nation of India.

By Neha Raheja Thakker

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