5 reasons why you have to check out the Mary Kom trailer

On September 5, we will witness a woman’s glory that will surely pack a solid punch! We are talking about the five-time World Boxing champion, Mary Kom! Played on-screen by the magnificent Priyanka Chopra, her untold story is coming to a screen near you and here are 5 reasons you should definitely check out its trailer!

1. It’s kick-a$#. Hey, it’s about Mary Kom, do you expect anything less?

2. No matter how hard life pushes you down, you must never give up. Always rise to the occasion and defend yourself.

3. Check out how Mary Kom faces all odds and challenges in her life, despite how tough the situation is.

4. Although she had the responsibility of her husband, kids and running a family kitchen, she defied a patriarchal society to achieve her destiny.

5. The moment you see the tri-color rise and Mary Kom do what she does best in the boxing ring, you will want to cry your heart out, so make sure there are onions around to take the blame for those tears. On top of it all she believes that “Kabhi kisi ko itna bhi mat darao ki darr hi khatam ho jaye”.

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