Raees was one of the most anticipated releases of this year. Everyone has been excited about Shah Rukh Khan's action avatar and he has not let his fans down. The movie has finally released today and we are sure at least three-fourth of the population is flocking the movie theatres. If you are not sure whether to watch it or give it a miss, we give you five convincing reasons why you must book your tickets now. While the story is not something out of the box, the execution is very masala much commercial and that makes it a fun watch.

SRK looks like a million bucks

SRK Raees - BookMyShow
The kohled eyes, the glasses, the lean physique and the pathani that complements it are all winning. SRK has never looked better. His performance is an extension of his look and the two blend beautifully. The idea was never to portray a slick, city gangster and Raees looks the mean, menacing and powerful bootlegger that he is supposed to be. FTW!

Nawazuddin is phenomenal

Nawazuddin 5 Reasons to Raees - BookMyShow
Nawazuddin Siddique is next level brilliant. You remember him in Kahaani when he had played a cop? Yeah, well, this is not like that at all. He is a whole new brand of cop and you cannot take your eyes off of him. With his intense eyes and stern demeanor, he is effortless. Imagine this badass, fearless cop has a sense of humor that will invoke more than a chuckle. Majmudar, the character, had to be quite strong to go against the formidable Raees. And who other than Nawaz to shoulder that responsibility?

The dialogues *whistle whistle*
Raees trailer featured some mind-blowing dialogues and the same holds true for the entire movie as well. The solo scenes featuring SRK and Nawaz have some mean dialogues but the best parts are where the two titans have their scenes together. Get ready to whistle away at those dialogues that are surely going to achieve cult status.

The Laila

Sunny Leone Laila Raees - BookMyShow

This movie is an inconspicuous throwback to the 70s-80-90s crime-dramas and no such movie complete without a cabaret-Helenesque number. Laila is the gorgeous Sunny Leone who sizzles with her moves. The song has the potential to get you on the dance floor, is all we are saying.

The masala
Finally, the USP of the movie – the unmistakable masala that is specific to Bollywood. The movie is an unabashed commercial entertainer. You go in for the awesomesauce
Raees-Majmudar war, which is full of decadent Bollywood masala. If you are into that kinda thing, you will regret missing this one.

Bonus reason:

Mahira Raees

Mahira Khan, the import from across the border, looks gorgeous and her dialogue delivery is music to ears. We wish she had more time on the screen.

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