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5 Successful Horror Movie Sequels in Bollywood

Horror has been a sub-genre of Bollywood since its very early days. Some of those will still give you the chills, while others are so laugh-worthy that they are bound to give you an ache somewhere else (you know where…stomach, of course, where else). But there is no doubt among avid movie lovers that Bollywood has given some goosebumps and nightmare-inducing horror movies. Alas, they were also infected by a plague, which is infecting a lot of well-made movies today – the malady of creating sequels. The makers are not satisfied with just creating a perfection, they want to make copies and they go ahead with them too. Some work and some just don’t but this era of sequels doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Here is a list of some nail-biting horror movies that have had equally nail-biting sequels and all are worth a watch.

Darna Mana Hai – Darna Zaroori Hai

Darna Mana Hai - BookMyShow

Ekta Kapoor’s first venture into this genre and it was pretty successful considering the fact she made another (successfully spooky) movie about it.

Phoonk – Phoonk 2

Phoonk - BookMyShow
Made within a couple of years of each other, these movies were meant to give you nightmares and keep you awake at nights. And they did!

Raaz – Raaz 2 – Raaz 3

Raaz - BookMyShow
Another movie series that wins when it comes to mixing horror with thriller, and some amazing music to top it.

Ragini MMS – Ragini MMS 2

Ragini MMS - BookMyShow
After Darna Mana Hai series success, Ekta Kapoor decided to mix and spice things up and the result is the above-mentioned series.

1920 – 1920 Returns

 1920 - BookMyShow
The whole series is perhaps one of Bollywood’s success stories, when it comes to a horror movie series that chills you to the bones. The upcoming third instalment, 1920 London should be a feather on the franchise’s cap.

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