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5 Things We Would Like to Hear in Big B’s Voice

Amitabh Bachchan – The man needs no introduction. He has ruled over Bollywood for decades now and he will continue to do so. His name literally means one whose light never dies and his life is an ode to that name. Known for his exemplary acting and his powerful presence, he has another quality that sets him apart from everyone else. It's his baritone voice. When the power of his voice is complemented with his command over the language, he creates magic on screen. Before his debut in the movie Saat Hindustani, he made his voice debut as the narrator of the Mrinal Sen movie Bhuvan Shome. Once he had established himself as a superstar who could give four superhit movies in a month, he expanded his horizons by sometimes singing for his movies. The actor is well into his seventies but like fine wine, he is just getting better. Recently, in the movie Pink, his monologs were appreciated and his voice gave the depth required to the issues being discussed. If we could bottle up that voice, here are the things we would like to hear in that voice.


Wait, think about it. The deep voice you know you can trust showing you the way forward. We would end up using the GPS even for the places we know the routes. Also, there won't be those weird pronunciations of our streets (you know what we are talking about).

Radio show

No offence to the radio jockeys who work really hard and entertain us when we are on busy streets but sometimes we only want to listen to the music. Except if we here this gentleman's voice through the radio. The traffic might seem less stressful and it would be super ironic because Amitabh was not given a job at All India Radio because of his voice.

Amitabh Bachchan - BookMyShowAudio book

Audio books are a boon for people who would love to explore the world of literature but don't have the patience to read a novel. Books like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings or even classics by William Shakespeare would be a treat for your ears and an enchanting experience.


We already know that he does a great job while reciting the poems written by his father but we would like to definitely hear more. He has a way with words and bringing those words to life. His pauses, enunciation and inflection would only add to the depth of those rhymes.

His life story 

His rag-to-riches story, him battling various odds to reach the stage he has reached today, his illness and his rise back to stardom like a phoenix – we would like to hear these things and more straight from this guys mouth and no one else but him could give justice to his story.

Amitabh Bachchan - BookMyShowDo you agree with our list? Where would you like to hear his voice? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share.