Thugs of Hindostan is easily the most awaited Bollywood movie since its announcement. The film boasts of a stellar cast featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan together in lead roles for the first time. It is also Aamir’s release for this year and we are all aware of how his movies can break box office numbers. The trailer of the movie was released a month ago and since then, it’s all cinegoers are talking about. With millions of views on all the teasers and music videos, Thugs of Hindostan is being looked forward to by the entire nation and the four generations of fans that Big B has. We are extremely exhilarated about the movie and here are the top five reasons for our excitement:

1. Amitabh Bachchan’s Dance Number

Big B has his own suave and dancing style. From Where’s the Party Tonight to Shava Shava, we like everything about his dance numbers. One of the most prominent of them is Kajra Re where he shakes a leg with son Abhishek and daughter-in-law Aishwarya. In Thugs, Senior Bachchan is seen dancing with Aamir and we cannot wait to see the full song on the big screen.

2. Special Effects of the Period Drama

The quality of special effects in Bollywood movies has gotten better with time and going by the trailer of the movie, it is quite visible that this one is going to be heavy with VFX. Being a period drama, the movie is bound to have special effects and we are more than eager to check them out.

3. Katrina’s Dance Number

Katrina Kaif is a slayer on the dance floor and there’s no denying to this fact. From Sheila ki Jawaani to Bang Bang, she has just grown with every dance number. We have already seen the glimpse of Suraiyya’s moves in the trailer and there’s just one word for it – Killer! Till the movie releases, we hope they keep the teasers coming.

4. The Characterizations

We saw Big B aka Khudabaksh slaying it literally with his extremely heavy-looking sword, Sana aka Zafira surpassing Baahubali and shooting four arrows at once, Katrina aka Suraiyya killing it with her moves and her khanjar, and last but not the least, Aamir aka Firangi‘s delusional behavior. All of them look on point yet mysterious, and when has mystery not attracted interest?

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5. All-in-all Action

In the trailer, three out of the four leads were seen doing some crazy action sequences. It was also reported that because of the heavy costumes and the live action, Big B had to retract from the schedule due to health issues. We can only imagine the effort put in by the entire cast and crew and we want to see it as soon as possible.

The perfectionist makes sure that we get one hell of a movie every year and Thugs of Hindostan has everything to get you excited for all the right reasons. The movie releases this Thursday and bookings have already opened. So secure your seats and keep visiting this space for our review.