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5 Times Akshay Kumar Was the Ultimate Khiladi

Khiladi (n): A Hindi term used to refer to a sportsman or sports player.

Sure, this might be the generally accepted definition of the word ‘Khiladi‘. But let’s be real, every Indian who grew up in the ’90s knows what it really means: Akshay Kumar.

That isn’t just because of films like 
KhiladiSabse Bada Khiladi and Khiladiyon Ki Khiladi that Akki starred in either. No, khiladi is more than just a film. In fact, it’s more than a word. Khiladi is a state of mind, and no one personifies the word quite as wonderfully as Akshay Kumar. There’s no better day to revisit the actor’s most badass moments than his 48th birthday, is there? So, here are 5 times Akshay Kumar was the Ultimate Khiladi:

Swimming with Sharks

Blue is far from Akshay Kumar‘s most memorable film. But its making will always be remembered as one of the Khiladi’s most iconic moments. The actor, who called Blue his "most dangerous film ever", was surrounded by 40-45 live sharks when he cracked his skull underwater. Akki being Akki, he quickly swam to safety. It doesn’t get cooler than this.

Hot as Fire

How do you rescue a damsel in distress, when the bad guys have dangerous weapons? Light your legs on fire, and set their crotches ablaze, of course. Smooth operator!

Mile High Badassery

Normal people have enough trouble being badass on the ground. But when you’re 
Akshay Kumarhot air balloons and airplanes aren’t off-limits either!

In Khiladi 420, he climbs to the top of a plane while it is mid-flight. Akki then jumps into the hot air balloon where Ritu (Mahima Chaudhry) has been held captive. And since he’s Akshay Kumar, he obviously nailed the scene in one take!

The Sky’s Not the Limit

Chasing the bad guy is too mainstream. When you’re Akshay Kumar, you just scale the wall of a skyscraper to get to them first!

The best part? The actor also performed the iconic stunt in Kolkata:

Every Other Day

Akshay Kumar is quite the daredevil. No one can deny that. But his Khiladi-ness extends way beyond the silver screen. Just look at everyday moments from the star’s life:

No one will ever strike the balance between being uber cool and smokin’ hot as well as 
Akshay Kumar. Happy birthday, Akki! Here’s to many more!