Films about Schizophrenia

5 Times Bollywood Featured Schizophrenia

Films have long since had plots centering mental disorders and illnesses. Schizophrenia is one such mental disorder that is widely known to be debilitating and simultaneously profound. It has held the fancy of psychologists and psychiatrists for centuries, and has fascinated masses, owing to the enigma that surrounds it.

Perhaps the best portrayal of schizophrenia was witnessed in ‘A Beautiful Mind‘ with a narrative based on illustrious scientist John Nash’s life and struggles with the illness.  Others like Shutter Island and Fight Club were much acclaimed as well.It has been noted by many professionals however, that depictions of schizophrenia in movies are often hyperbolic, dramatized and grossly inaccurate.

Even so, the cryptic nature of the disorder, the genuinely pitiful plight of those suffering from it and those subjected to it, and the fact that it has all the makings of a thriller, have made it a staple for filmmakers.

Bollywood loves psychological thrillers and there have been times when they got it right. Read on to know more.


Madhoshi - BookMyShow

With much intrigue and a terrorism angle, a doe-eyed Bipasha Basu claims to be in love with John Abraham, a character whose existence is denied by all the characters in the movie. Madhoshi makes a watch full of plot twists and jaw-dropping moments.

Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik - BookMyShow

What happens when a mediocre individual, often bullied by his co-workers, treated like a doormat by his boss, and completely ignored by the woman he loves, gets a mysterious call from… himself? Find out.

15 Park Avenue

15 Park Avenue - BookMyShow

A poignant film, hard-hitting and painfully real, 15 Park Avenue is more a story of Shabana Azmi, who plays the devoted sister and caretaker to the schizophrenia afflicted Konkona Sen Sharma. The film shows the viewers, the rarely discussed struggles of the relatives of those suffering from the nightmarish disorder.


An author who exhorts his wife and muse to have an affair with a younger man, just so he can write about it, finds the tables being turned when he tries to play God. Shabd is a bone-chilling story about the conflicts that reside in an artist’s mind.

Woh Lamhe

Woh Lamhe - BookMyShow

A film about the flip side of stardom and fame, Woh Lamhe stars Kangana Ranaut as the up and coming star, who has to face the crippling mental disorder and all the travails associated with it. Speculated to be based on the life of Parveen Babi, Woh Lamhe is an evocative film.