5 times Bollywood lied to us

Pretending to be a responsible adult is so difficult at times. Who to blame now? Bollywood, of course! Though we hate to admit, we’re slaves of this Satan. From fashion to passion, we follow Bollywood’s guidelines on life.

But as we grow older, reality strikes. We love the old Bollywood films, and enjoy reliving the old charm of Hindi films. However, as we shrink ourselves in the dark and cold world of "Adulthood" we realize that Bollywood wasn’t really honest with us.

For example, here’re five times that Bollywood lied to us:

If you go the temple and cling to the Mandir’s ghanti, God will not solve your problems.

It starts off with "Bhagwan maine tumse aaj tak kuch nahi maanga," and then the overly dramatic monologue follows. And there’s always a thunderstorm during such situations. In reality, this is the worst possible option to solve any problem. God will not drop any flowers on your pallu. Also, going out on a stormy night is dangerous. What if lighting strikes and you die?

Maa ka doodh (?) isn’t a valid method to test manhood.

"Agar maa ka doodh piya hai toh bahar nikal!!" Manhood cannot be tested on this statement. However, in most of the Bollywood films this dialogue is highly effective. Justice has been restored with just one line. Now, only if we could restore chaos with this one line. Sigh!

There’re no reincarnations.

"Mere Karan Arjun aayenge"… And they really came! Better versions though. But, not everyone’s Karan Arjun here. If you’re dead… you’re dead. Don’t expect any miracles. YOLO! Remember? There is nothing called reincarnations.

Going to Khandala isn’t easy.

"Aye, aati kya khandala?" You wish! But then real things exist like jobs, bills, traffic, to-do lists…

Pregnancy announcements need not be melodramatic.

"Main tumhare bacche ki ma banne wali hoon". Y so dramatic? But then, we’re Indians.

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