5 Years Since Ajay Devgn’s Satakli

Would you believe it’s already five years since Singham released? Five years! We are growing old quick, aren’t we? Well, Singham definitely provided us with wholesome entertainment – gravity-defying stunts, exploding cars and over-the-top action sequences in slow motion – all of which are typical elements of a Rohit Shetty film. Strong performances by Ajay Devgn and Prakash Raj were one of the memorable features of the film, for which both Ajay and Prakash won numerous awards. This movie although filled with high-octane action, had many moments, which made us laugh and was filled with one-liners like ‘Aata majhi satakli‘ and ‘Tujhya aiychya gaavat‘, which became huge hits among the masses. On the fifth anniversary of this movie, we give you 5 best moments from Singham:

1. In the movie, the hero and the villain have the same amount of aggression, giving each other head-to-head competition. Singham made ‘Jaykant Shikre‘ come all the way to Shivgarh to sign his bail papers. The fierceness and intensity with which Singham takes Jaykant’s thumb imprint is definitely one of the best moments in the film.

2. Jaykant uses his power to get Singham transferred to Goa. The myriad ways in which Jaykant ‘welcomes‘ Singham to Goa is praise-worthy.

3. The local minister Minister Anant Narwekar literally gets kicked in the butt; and when head constable Savalkar volunteers to do it too, Devgn says "Devun taak".

4. The film is filled with numerous action sequences. But the one that caught our eye is when Gotya’s daughter gets kidnapped and Singham rescues her. The car chasing and car flipping is top-notch.

5. The latter part of the movie is hilarious. When the entire police force lands up at Jaaykant Shikre’s house, the night prior to him taking his oath as the minister, the way Jaykant panics is insanely hysterical. Jaykant’s reactions and his dialogs keep you entertained till the movie ends.